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Expert Carpet Cleaning in Biggera Waters from just $99

Proper Carpet Cleaning has been serving Biggera Waters for almost 10 years.

We’ve worked hard during this time to earn ourselves the reputation we have today, and have never left a customer unsatisfied. Many of our customers in Biggera Waters call us back time and time again – sometimes as often as every few months – to clean their carpets or their upholstery, and sometimes both. 

We clean all types of carpet, including natural fibres like wool, and the more popular synthetic fibres like rayon. Because we use the most powerful water extraction machines available, the carpet will typically dry within a couple of hours of our service. However, for natural fibres like wool, you could expect to double the drying time, because it REALLY likes to hold on to the water. 

One question we get quite often during a call from a customer is “will the carpets have the wet dog smell?”. The answer for all synthetic fibres is no, they won’t. There’s no smell besides the fragrance that comes from our detergent products. However, the answer in the case of wool carpets is “it depends”. Regardless of where it is used – in clothing, in fabrics, or on floors – wool has a natural property to it that means it will smell when it’s wet. Once it dries, the smell is gone too. There is a product available to carpet cleaners that is supposed to mitigate the wet-dog smell of wool, however, we’ve found it not worthwhile. It’s expensive – it adds about 50% to the bill – and it doesn’t really work. So, we typically just tell customers that if it’s wool, we’ll make it the first job of the day, and we’ll use additional drying fans, to get it dry as fast as possible. This is suitable most of the time. 

Proper Carpet Cleaning is in the Biggera Waters area at least once a week, if not more often, so we can get to you quite soon after you call. You’re welcome to call us anytime to enquire or to book a service.

Biggera Waters

Carpet Cleaning Prices

1 room – $99
2 rooms – $99
3 rooms – $115
4 rooms – $135
5 rooms – $155
One room is 14m2 or less

Other Prices

Stairs are $3.80 each, $5.90 for double width
Stain removal from $14 for tea/coffee, up to $60+ for more complex stains
Rugs from $40 for small, up to $100+ for large area rugs
Upholstery is $34 per seat space for modular, $54 for armchair or recliner

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does carpet cleaning take?

Typically an hour or two, depending on how many rooms, and whether access is easy or complicated.

Can you clean rugs?

Yes, we can steam clean regular rugs for a small additional charge. Enquire about this when you call. We do not clean hand-made or oriental rugs, due to their very fragile nature.

How long does it take to dry?

Because we use powerful U.S.A-made machines, your carpets will dry up to twice as fast as normal. This means your carpets can be dry in as little as 1 hour after the service.

Do you do end-of-lease cleaning?

Yes, we do end-of-lease carpet cleaning, and can recommend a pest control and bond-cleaning company if needed.

Do you move furniture?

Most customers move smaller things off the carpet – like pot plants, side tables, shoe racks before we arrive, and have us work around larger things that are remaining in place (such as beds, large cupboards, couches, etc). The carpet under these pieces of furniture doesn’t get walked on, so it’s not going to be dirty! However, on request, we can move large furniture items as well. Speak to us about this when you call.

Does steam cleaning kill fleas?

Steam can kill fleas, however, if you’re having problems with fleas or your end-of-lease clean requires flea treatment, you’ll need to arrange a pest control service.

Can you remove all stains?

Unfortunately not all stains can be removed. Depending on what the substance is, and how it’s interacted with your carpet – including whether home-remedies have been tried that may have inadvertently set the stain permanently, will determine whether a stain can be removed. Our technicians are thoroughly trained in stain removal, and can assess and spot-test most stains at no charge, to determine if they can be removed.

Do you use truck mounted or portable machines?

We have both portable and truck mounted machines. Portables are required for apartments and buildings with difficult access, whilst truck mount machines can be used on jobs with easy access, direct to the front door. Our portable machines are the best that money can buy, so the quality of the clean is the same regardless of which machine is used. Beware of smaller ‘cheap’ portable cleaners, like those that you can rent at the supermarket – they just don’t have the power.

We’re ready to help.

Proper Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast is ready to help you with your carpet cleaning needs, anywhere on the coast. Call us today, and we’ll be out as soon as we can.

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